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Forestry Services from A&P Blake

Our Forestry Services

Our family-owned business combines three generation of unrivalled experience to bring our domestic and commercial customers a professional range of affordable forestry services. We undertake traditional tree surgery and forestry work including land and storm clearances with a responsible service that sees all felled or dead wood returned to the system for secondary use.

Tree Felling in Oxfordshire

A&P Blake Forestry Services undertake tree felling in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire on damaged or dangerous specimens. To ensure land is fully prepared for replanting programs, we use the latest stump grinding methods for complete tree removal. We provide a friendly, understanding and reliable service using safe working practices.

Seasoned Firewood in Oxfordshire

After felling a tree, we remove remnants from your property and store them for two years before cutting them to size for use as logs, kindling or firewood in Oxfordshire. By returning as much of the trees we fell into the resale sector, none of the wood we remove ever goes to waste. We believe that our ethical and sustainable approach to business is essential for our future generations.

Tree Care Services

Because we use a full range of traditional and modern tree surgery practices, our team is usually able to preserve the life of otherwise healthy specimens. A & P Blake Forestry Services deliver an affordable range of pruning, lifting and pollarding services that result in shapely, healthy trees with superior growth and light management.

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